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Expand your limits with Dzing international payment cards - enable the growth of your business by adding our expertise and technical capabilities to your offering

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Who we are

Dzing Finance delivers technology services as a “Turnkey White Label” banking-as-a-service solution. Our offering includes White-Label neo banking, corporate accounts, card issuing and support, payment processing and other financial services

Our projects

Expand your limits with DZING

Virtual payment card issuing and support

Our expertise and technical capabilities for Your growth

DZING supports your card scheme with multi-level management of virtual payment card issuing and maintenance:

  • Make payments in all major currencies in a matter of seconds
  • Local UK BIN for your card project
  • Fully white-label solution for your business
  • Mass-payments on major platforms

If your business involves extensive use of online payments, using Dzing cards will help you to promote your content by making mass payments for ads on Facebook, Google, TikTok and other social media platforms seamlessly with full control provided by the master account functionality

Do it your way

Check balances, assign responsibility and limits to your branded virtual cards

Access to success

Adjust user management by choosing super-user or user access to master account

DZING solution means

Fast onboarding

Count days not month. Fully automated onboarding, including mandatory checks as per regulatory requirements. Instant release of cards. Batch creation of users and cards

Comprehensive Reporting

Open and honest. Full access to the information on card transactions at user level and super-user level. Detailed statistics on every team and team member. All the transactions are displayed in the system as soon as they are completed

Efficient management and spending controls

You rule. Single account for tight control of your cash flow. Application of MCC restrictions to ensure only targeted spend of the funds. Assigning and changing spending limits, blocking and unblocking cards. Adding teams and managing roles. Distributing budget between the team members

Easy-to-use Web portal

When safety meets efficiency. Web portal for card issuing and support that can be used by clients to manage their own virtual cards project. Access the account provided using two-factor authentication

Full lifecycle management for your branded virtual card

All in one. Batch issuing and mass payments via a single master account. Convenient and cheap FX for payments to local providers

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